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This is Umber's page, but until further notice, it is a testing page. Once the testing phase is complete her page will become the template for all other characters. So getting Umber's to look proper is very important. Thus, it'll go through many changes and be quite wonky for some time.


Umber lorem ipsum for testing:
World of sand, cold and dark, has no light except for stars. They found their way, slow and steady, and made great use of what was handy. Soon a city was built up high, but not everything was happy. Many disagreed with the way that thinsg were done; enraged, the founders found ways to make all conform. But their plans fell flat, causing a further push, which led to things going too far.


The city was wrecked, but that was okay, the founders moved and found their way. But those who stayed, reaped the actions, yet refused to show their upset. Never wanting to let them win, they stayed and thirved the best they could. And that's where our tale begins.

Drives and flaws

A young girl with a birth defect, had lost her parents, thus raised by her aunt, did horrible in school but was very bright.



Layout inspired by 'World Anvil's'

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Age| Pronouns| Height
16 She/her 5'4/162

*This character is recognized as a minor and should be treated as such.