※ Who, what, how, where, when and why am I? ※

Who am I?


Who am I?

I am one of many names and titles, but online I'm most prominently known simply as "Kal".

What am I?

A weird, chronically-online humanoid,, I, think?

How am I?

A forever swinging pendulum! :D

Where am I?

I reside almost 24/7 in a quaint lil' attic.

When am I?

Sometime, probably.

Why am I?

I wish I knew,, I wish I knew.


Favorite colors?

Periwinkle! Along with dark blues, light yellows, grayish purples, powdery blues, golds, silvers, rich, reddish browns, and basically any other color you see utilized in this site's default theme.

Favorite books?

'The Little Prince' by Antoine de Saint Exupéry. I find myself thinking back - and even relating - to many of its paragraphs. I truly can't describe my love for the story.
In general I adore "children's books" most because they're more fun, whimsical, and aren't flooded with romance. I remember loving 'Bob' by Nicholas Gannon, 'The Incredible Magic of Being' by Kathryn Erskine, 'The Spirit of Cattail County' by Victoria Piontek, and anything I could get my hands on by Kimberley Griffiths Little.

Favorite films?

I've always been a fan of animations, like 'Wolf Children', 'A Cat in Paris', 'The Boy and The Beast', 'Song of the Sea', 'Poupelle of Chimney Town', 'Ni no Kuni', 'Ernest and Celestine', 'Children of the Sea', 'Letter to Momo'; I'm a fairly large fan of Gkids films in general.

Favorite shows?

I oddly enjoy adult animations best! My #1 all-time-favorite is 'Futurama', and I've recently been gaining interest in 'South Park'.
As for other shows I like, it tends to change a lot, but I feel confident in listing 'Arcane', 'Steven Universe' (Future in particular), 'Father Ted' and 'The Color of Magic'.

Favorite bands?

I love 'Mother Mother', 'Mili' and 'Will Wood' most. But I like 'Marina', 'UNiTE', 'My Chemical Romance', 'Penelope Scott', 'Bear Ghost', 'Lamiya', 'Sekai No Owari', 'Cavetown', 'Rebzyyx', 'Negative 25', 'Oh the Larceny', 'Bnny Rbbt', 'Ev e' and so very many more.
I'm also a major fan of Vocaloid and vocal synth songs! With a few of my favorite producers being 'Empath-P', 'Momocashew', 'Nekobolo (sasanomaly)', 'nakano 4', 'MioDioDaVinci', 'Project Overdoze', 'Tanjiro Taidana', 'Bloopy', 'Steampianist', 'Corasundae' and again many, many more!
(these lists could go on forever,,)

Favorite YouTubers?

My current favorite is 'GoodTimesWithScar'! And all the hermits in general. (Lovely folks) As far as other YouTubers go, I like 'CallMeKevin', 'OneTopicAtATime', 'TheClick', 'GrayStillPlays', 'アボガド6' 'ImBrandonFarris', 'Whang!', 'Kiwami Japan', 'Matt Rose', 'Calvin', 'Ordinary Sausage', 'NinoKito', '131216', 'Dollightful', and again many, many others!

Favorite games?

I. Love. Portal!! Both games and everything and anything relating to it! As well as quite a few others, 'Magrunner: Dark Pulse', 'Mirror's Edge', 'Gravitas', 'A Story About My Uncle', 'Deiland', 'Oneshot', 'Borderlands' (the whole franchise in general), 'Moonlighter', 'Sea of Solitude', 'Summer in Mara', 'Ittle Dew', 'Sally Face', 'The Unfinished Swan' and 'Alicemare' just to name a few! I love RPG horror games, rhythm games and oddly enough, dating sims!

Favorite vocal synth voices?

I love practically all of them! But I'll admit, I do have my top faves. Starting with Vocaloid, Meiko is my favorite V1 era vocal. Utatane Piko and VY2 for V2. Oliver, Avanna, YOHIOloid, Maika and ZOLA Project for V3. Fukase, Cyber Songman and Dex for V4. As for Synth V, I love Mai, Lin lai and Yuma! In Utau, I love Kazehiki!! (easily my favorite vocal of them all) and Pumpking The Testloid!

Favorite Albums?

I'm a large fan of 'Miracle Milk' by Mili, 'Viktoria' by Maria Mena, 'A Pretty Picture in the Most Disturbing Way' by Yohio, 'Polka’s Not Dead' by The Dreadnoughts, 'Dance and Cry' and 'O My Heart' by Mother Mother, 'The Family Jewels' by Marina and 'Absurd Stories for the Rationally Insane' by Steampianist.


Keys, Gears, Bubbles, Plushies, Clouds, Stars, Sweets, Dolls, Toys, Bobbles, Bunnies, Frogs, Cats, Nyan cat, Goblins, Sloths, Hamsters, Robots, Vocal Synth technology, 'The Snowman', Space, The sky in general, 'The Little Prince', Old internet memes, Peppermint bark, Glow-in-the-dark objects, 'Portal', Snow, Winter, Long-sleeved shirts, Alt codes and emoticons, Desert Duo, Music, and Soft voices.


Loud, sudden sounds, Onions, Shoes, Bright lights, Tight clothes, Drool, Strongly flavored drinks, Sock-seams, Wasps, Cringe-culture, Bleach, Hair around my ears, Personal-space invading spiders, Touching batteries, Raisins, My lisp, My spelling issues, Warm weather, Writing by hand, Abrupt darkness, The ocean, EEGs, Showing my upper arms, Divs that cover content on zoom, and Valley girls.


To be contented! :D


Expectations (;0-0)


What does 'Kaleidiope' mean?

"Kaleidiope" is a made up name created by mashing the words "kaleidoscope" and "calliope" together.
I remember seeing a Vocaloid song by 'Moving Point' called Kaleido and thinking how cool both the song and title was. So when I started making online accounts, I tried using the handle of "kaleido" but that was taken almost everywhere already. Since I wanted to be a Vocaloid producer at the time, I decided to add what I saw many producers have on the end of their names - a 'P', "Kaleido-P". But I was worried to do so, 'cause what if I didn't enjoy producing music? What if my interests changed later on? So I went with "Kaleidope" and later added a second 'i'.
In hindsight, I'm glad I did, as I learned later the 'P' title was something originally earned, and not added by the individual themselves.
There is a bit more to the story involving 'Project OverDoze's' "Kaleidoscope Haze" song series, but that's the main gist!

How is 'Kaleidiope' pronounced?

There's no set way of saying it! So nothing is either wrong nor right, but I will say, since it's a mash of two particular words, I do suppose pronouncing it similar to the beginning and end of them would be the closest thing one can get to a "correct" pronunciation.
Most seem to say "Kah-lai-dee-ope" with an ending similar to "envelope".
But a harder "-opee" sound, like in "okapi", would pay better homage to its "calliope" part.

What do you look like?

I've been told by many I look like 'Daniel Howell'. To the point I'm getting called 'Dan'/'Daniel' as a nickname. >:c I personally don't see this, but seven other folks do. So do with that what you will.nothing here I've also been told I look like 'Will Wood' and 'Aurum' - of which I greatly appreciate, but have an even harder time seeing!

How old are you?

I don't tend to disclose my age for multiple reasons. I personally don't feel it's something that needs to be known in order to enjoy my content, and I feel it teaches folks that giving personal info is both okay, and somehow necessary? I also feel it puts expectations on both my own, and others' work; a lot of folks seem to feel age correlates with skill. I am here to reassure it does not. But with that said, I am aware and understand/respect that some folks are uncomfortable with following others that aren't in their own age-range. So I will state that I am a young adult for that sake.


I go by any! They, he, she, I'm fairly flexible! Though I will admit I have my preferences, but none really bother me.
I like the ambiguity that comes from "they" as it leaves a lot to interpretation; 'cause let's be honest, most people develope different opinions of you soley on your gender. Which isn't very fair.
Also, I'm just a stranger online, I should be ambiguous!
As for neo-pronouns, I like "zey/zem", and virtually any that's a modified version of "they/them" where the "th" part is being replaced by another letter - or even omitted.

Personal heroes?

Personally, I don't really have 'heroes' in the traditional sense of the word. As I don't feel anyone should be put on such a pedestal nor held to such a high extent - everyone's just human, all doing their best on our lovely lil' space rock! No one's perfect, and in the wise words of Tales from the Borderlands version of Handsome Jack:
"Never meet your heroes, kid, they're all d*cks. Every last one of 'em."
Though! There are a fair number of folks I admire for one reason or another, and well, in a sense 'look up to' in a regard. But it's not so much them as it is characteristics, accomplishments, abilities and traits of theirs I admire.
Such people like Markiplier, StacyPlays and GoodTimesWithScar!


I've had many over the years, and tried many too - mainly craft related: knitting, crocheting, sculpting, needle felting, 3D modeling, origami, you name it! I probably tried it :P
My favorites were traditional chalk pastel and charcoal drawings, water color art, sewing (of both clothes and plushies) MMD animations and doll customizing.
My current hobbies are melody making, story writing, kandi making, coding, digital drawing and vocal synth tuning!

Random facts?

I'm trying to learn German, Swedish, and Japanese.
I unfortunately know what it feels like to have hand-sanitizer in your eye.
I want to learn welsh.
I long for feathered wings.
I am very forgetful, with the exception of birth-dates.
I love goblincore/gremlincore, dazecore and havencore aesthetics.
I'm a wittle guy :>
I want to be either a children's book author, or a front-end developer.
I am often cold, to the point random body parts ache, shake, and go numb.
I like to use eye-shadow as eye-liner.
I wish I could dress in menhera and ouji fashions more.

Why haven't you responded to me yet?

It's certainly not because I hate you or any other silly reasons your brain might try to convince you of. The most common reason is that my own brain just isn't feeling the best to do so.
I cherish interactions! So I want my full attention on convos we might have, and if I don't feel I can currently give you the proper replies that you deserve, I often hold off until a later date when my brain's feeling better.
The second reason, is that I've simply yet to see it! I don't spend as much time on social media site's as I once did, and a lot of accounts you'll see under my 'Kaleidiope' name are inactive and rarely - if ever - checked. So if you message me on a site I no longer log-in on, I'll likely never see the message, sadly,,
The secret third option is that it simply wasn't sent to me. I very luckily don't have an online presence big enough to warrant fake accounts under my name, but I do suppose the chance is never zero D:

Where can I find you?

You can find me pretty consistently over on Tumblr! Though, I will state that I don't currently accept messages from blogs I'm not mutuals with (had one too many bad experiences,,) but asks are still open!
You can also find me here on Neocities of course! I do plan on making an E-mail specially for "business inquires" that you can reach me through, but I've yet to do so.

Can I hire/commission you?

Short answer, no. Long answer, maybe one day? But most likely no.
A small collab here and there with close friends is probably the closest I'll ever come to working for/with another being. As I don't really enjoy the stress/pressure of expectation T^T
My creations are my hobbies; thus I'd like them to remain just for fun!

Why haven't you spoken up about [blank]?

I try to stay away from voicing strong opinions on things that could cause needless stress or upset! I might not be the quietest with some of my standings, nor am I the most family-friendly in the things I create, but I do try to keep the comfort of my audience in mind. Topics that could cause stress or worry is something I simply don't wish to dabble in casually - even though many things deserve to be spoken about and to cause rightful upset!

So please know, just because I'm not talking about it under this username, doesn't mean I don't care about said thing/situation.
My persona exists outside of reality, so real-world problems stay out of the haven.

Are you aware that you like [insert problematic thing/person]?

The most likely answer is no! I was not aware. The second most likely answer is that I've separated the content from the creator. Liking one doesn't inherently mean you like the other, and that's okay! As one is never obligated to like, or support, both. Just make sure the creator doesn't take love for their creations as support for their ideals (;0-0)

What does 'Tantamount' mean?

The word itself means "similar/equal to". This is a reference to my story series, where the world it takes place in is called 'tantamount' due to it mimicking our world. I chose to use the same name for the site because this is where said stories will be housed! And is meant to be used in place of social medias ^^