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Update log


April 13th, 2024:
Updated the 'characters I like' page.

April 12th, 2024:
Officially published 'The Other Place' on the site!

Mar 28th, 2024:
Reduced facts about myself on my about page, and completed my liked character list.

Jan 8th, 2024:
Added some drop-down/read-more thing-a-ma-jigs to longer texts.

Jan 8th, 2024:
Added more navigation buttons to pages.

Jan 7th, 2024:
Added more shadows.


Dec 21st, 2023:
Also cleaned up some code. Definitely for the better.

Dec 21st, 2023:
Finally got my gallery better sorted,, finally, my word,,

Dec 1st, 2023:
Thank-you all for getting me to 60 followers, that means a lot TvT

Nov 10th, 2023:
Site should be fairly responsive now. Feel free to give me a note if anything's looking super off!

Nov 6th, 2023:
Fiddled with media queries.

Oct 21th, 2023:
Considering changing the chatbox to a guestbook.

Oct 20th, 2023:
Added a 'TOS'-type page and linked it up with the heart emoticon in the footer.

Oct 13th, 2023:
Worked on some responsiveness and cleaned up some CSS files.

Oct 10th, 2023:
Changed up some code (for better or worse) Wanted to make things a bit more personal. Everything may break, unsure still.

Oct 4th, 2023:
Added a 'site map' for better navigation.

Oct 3rd, 2023:
Officially published 'The leaf Snake' on this site! :D

Sep 22nd, 2023:
Removed some links.

Sep 21st, 2023:
Harold's name is now 'Herald' due to reasons.

Sep 12th, 2023:
Changed up a good few things (more like added) within the span of multiple weeks. I can't say I remember them all at this moment.

Aug 29th, 2023:
Added page navigation.

Aug 20th, 2023:
Giving up the search for a better - more professional - fix and succumbing to just using document.write. Changed up some minor CSS stuff.

Aug 7th, 2023:
Considering opening up tips, any profits will go directly back to the site as I'll put it to becoming a supporter. When I do reach supporter status, I will be removing the 'off-site' sections in the audio and visual pages. Proper on-site galleries will be created in their place.

July 20th, 2023:
Added a Chat-box to my info page so folks can contact me about site-issues. (Or y'know, to give small bread-crumbs of praise. That works, too)

June 13th, 2023:
Accidentally deleted a CSS file and am trying to repair the damages.

May 29th, 2023:
Six colorful themes shall be added, three minimal themes will also be available, but Harold will not be present in them. :c

May 10th, 2023:
Removing sparkle mouse trail, as it interferes with theme-switch code.

May 8th, 2023
Harold got a costume change.