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Welcome to Tantamount

Welcome to a little project of mine that I chip away at on the side :D

Nothing here is fully fleshed-out nor yet complete in any way.
Progress may be slow, but never stagnant!

This place was made with housing my projects in mind; mainly my writings, but anything else I wish to add as well!

If you're new here, it may be worth giving the info page a small peek.

Site reports

Site Completion: 25.3%
Site Rating: PG. With some stories and songs being PG-13, if not higher in some cases.
Site Needs: JavaScript enabled to function properly. And for zoom to be set between 50%-150%
Site Compatibility: Site is optimized for desktop and the majority of modern browsers. Site will work on mobile, with the exception of minor visual-'wonk' (particularly on screens under a width of 400px )

Current-focus project-progress reports:

Vocal synth covers: Working on 'Dear Friend' from 'Arcane'.
Vocal synth originals: Working on 'Halls'.
Short stories: Mapping out 'The Smoke Wolf'.
OUL: Re-visiting its third chapter to touch-up grammar.
Hermit portrait-project: Sketching ZombieCleo.
Character concept-art project: Rethinking the whole dang thing.
Site: Making my CSS code more proper before adding more themes.
Recent completions: 'The Other Place' poem! Found here.

Feeling: The current mood of Kaleidiope at www.imood.com