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{Project site. 5.3% complete.}

Hello there!
Welcome to an odd project I like to call: "Learning new stuff" :D

Nothing here is fleshed-out nor complete in any way (and I can't promise how well some features work on mobile.)
Though I can note it's viewed best when zoom is set between the 50% and 150% range. Personal preference is 110% :D

This is going to be a place where I put all my projects.
Mainly my writings, but stuff like my art and music, too.
I tried to keep the design not too busy or eye-tiring. Yet still lively and true to myself.

Until that lil' percentage meter of a title changes to a real header, probably in three years from now. Enjoy actually-complete/close-to-complete sites!
(there's some really nice ones if you know where to look)