※ All about what ya can, and what ya can't ※

Terms and conditions for my works


I don't give permission, nor do I condone, others profiting from, selling, or claiming my work as their own; even when modified or edited.
(Think ShareAlike Copyright) If anything of mine is used, please give clear credit, even if it was merely a base.
Personally, I have nothing against others using my work for/in their own projects, but if done, I'd appreciate a mention as it shows respect for both me and my work.
(But most importantly, it helps others find creations in the style they enjoyed!)

You may trace, repost, build upon, alter, inspire from, transform, remix and even recreate my work in your own style as long as the original piece is acknowledged and mentioned*. And that the altered work is not used to disrespect or offend, and isn't used inappropriately.

You may not steal or 'fix' my work, nor claim its altercation as 'better', as better is subjective.

Visual artworks

My art may be traced, used in projects, as profile photos, edited, reposted and even redesigned as long as the original - and myself - are credited properly.
My art is not to be sold by others, claimed/passed off as your own; used for NFT's, marketing and/or ads, and may not be modified in a way that causes harm or disrespect. If the artwork is of my original characters, please make sure your altercations aren't in conflict with their terms and conditions here.


My music may be remixed, reposted, used in projects, expanded upon, transcribed, altered and even parodied as long as I am credited properly. And that any product - resource and/or asset used in its creation - is also properly credited. (I.E. the name of present vocal bank and its engine.)
My music is not to be used in marketing, nor edited or parodied in a way that harms or disrespects; any final products made with aid from my own work may not be sold or used in ads, but ad-revenue is allowed (I.E. YouTube monetization)
Ad-revenue on reposted works may not be collected.


My stories may be expanded upon and even AU'd. (fandon-takes are honestly quite encouraged!)
My stories may not be reposted. If you'd like to share them, link them.
They may not be sold or profited off of by others - this extends to expanded and AU'd versions of my work. (With potential site ad-revenue being an exception for fanworks)
My stories may not be changed, if altercations are made and posted, they must be labeled as AU's and proper credit to the original must be given.


My characters may be edited, altered and even redesigned - I.E. genderswapped, racebent, aged up or down, and stuff of the like - as long as these altercations are noted as altercations and are stated to be "fanon-takes" or "fan-deigns".
You may role-play, kin and cosplay as my characters freely. You may take commissions involving my characters and make head-canons freely.
My characters may not be used in ads or marketing, be profited off of**, stolen, claimed/passed off as your own, sold in general, or used to promote harm and/or hate.
Unless aged up, minor-aged characters may not be shipped, especially with adult-aged characters.
I do not condone works where my characters are involved in sexual acts. Though depicting them in a sexual light is allowed - if tasteful - and that the character(s) involved isn't a/aren't minor(s).
My characters' images are not to be used to promote political agendas. I don't see human rights as a political issue, as I don't believe human rights should be 'optional'.
(and in case it's even a question: Trans Rights are Human Rights.)
I also don't believe religion belongs in politics either, thus depicting my characters with pride flags and/or religious attire is more than welcomed.
As long as the access to this freedom isn't used to promote hate and/or superiority over another group.
Remember folks, it's not what you do, it's how it's done.


Considering this site is basically a "quilt" of code-snippets made by kind and friendly folks online, (See this section for those details) I don't feel I can really "claim" any of it. (Especially when it comes to any JavaScript code)
Though I do feel it'd be a bit off-putting to find another site that's a complete copy-paste of my own. But it'd make me more sad than anything; sites are meant to be personal, and the way that I do things can't possibly be the same way you'd do them. I want to see originality, not,, whatever that would be.
Also, I feel it's noteworthy to understand that the ways I have done things are neither wise nor correct, and shouldn't be copied entirely.
I do mean it when I say this site is a quilt.
A " "quilt" " : a hodgepodge mess of scrapes held together by a desperate prayer.
I cannot make you be original, and I'd honestly be happy knowing something from this site helped in the creation of your own; but know there's better ways to do what I have done, and virtually none of it belongs to me, so as far as code goes - take any snippets you'd like as long as you credit and respect the wishes of whom they came from! (If the code came from myself, there is no need to credit, take any bits ya'd like.)
You may not use any imagery I've made specially for this site (like background tiles) in your own site. For non-site-made imagery, please see the art section for their specific details.


I, myself, don't have a large internet presence to state much; unless we count Epo as me - as their sole purpose is to be my 'mirror double/online persona'. And if we are counting Epo as me, please refer to the character section as I consider them more akin to being a character of mine who become "the face of my brand" in a 'non-corporate' sense of the phrase.
As for me, myself, I feel very similarly to that (supposed) Freddie Mercury quote about doing whatever you'd like with my image and work, as long as it's never boring.
Though, I must admit I'd greatly prefer not to be used to promote harm, hate or political agendas, nor do I want to be part of ads/marketing. (at least not without my knowledge)
I'd also greatly appreciate not being sexualized.
And by 'prefer' and 'appreciate', I mean don't.

Regarding the latest tech-trends

Regarding AI arts, may that be of visual art, vocals or writings, I am fully understanding of the - for a lack of better wording - 'novelty' of having a particular voice sing a particular song, or a particular topic written in a particular style, or a particular image in a particular style.
I, too, am a large fan of many things! :D And love seeing more content of said things; I find this tech to be super cool, but you know what isn't cool?
Using the work, voice, and sometimes physical image of someone without their knowledge, consent or permission.
Would you like to know the most uncoolest thing of them all?
Profiting off it.
That, I do not condone, the work that AI creates is not yours to claim.
I am 100% for science and discovery! :D And I find what can be done with this tech to be beyond interesting and very fun.
If you can find my voice, make me sing songs, have chats with my characters, see what they'd look like as humans and of course, never make it boring! But most importantly, please, never claim the work as your own, and never claim it to be anything besides AI. AI is cool, AI is fun. So give credit where it's due, follow my prior guidelines, and of course, share some of the fun if any turns out good! ;D


* This excludes my stories. Please see the story section for details regarding them.
** This does not include fan-made merch featuring my characters when in your own style. Selling commissioned art, buttons, stickers and things of the like that feature my characters are allowed when created by you.
(I.E. non-AI generated imagery, or ripped/stolen work.)

If there's any doubts or confusion regarding any of this, any at all, feel free to reach out and ask me about it! Not only do I not bite, but there's a great chance I'll share project files with you and even some project details if you're nice!
Plus, if you share/link back what you do, you'll gain my support for the project!