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Info and credit


Hello there, I'm 'Kal' (short for Kaleidiope)
I'm just a creature who makes a lot of things and will sometimes post what I deem worthy enough to see the light of day.

I go by any pronouns and refuse to disclose too much identifying info for personal reasons.
All you need to know is I'm a living being with thoughts, feelings, and something one could call a 'life' if they blur the meaning a bit.

I don't wish to be known as anything more than a weird creature on the interwebs who creates. But please don't see me as a 'content creator', rather a simple hobbyist who does things they find fun until they aren't.

Site resource credit

Thank-you to 'Sadgrl.online' and 'TheSiteWizard' for this site's base-code and its many features! And a large thank-you to 'w3schools.com' for coding help, as well as 'htmlcheatsheet.com', 'wtools.io', random, friendly inter-web strangers and old form posts.

That little ghost pal you see (I call him Herald) is from 'cursors-4u.com'.
He was meant to be a temporary place-holder until I made my own cursor, but the lil' fella's grown on me and I can't replace him!
I believe him to be made by 'bleeding love'?

The font that's used is 'Cadman'. And as someone who is (highly) likely dyslexic, I find this to be one of easest fonts to read.

Background tiles and images are by me! :D (unless stated otherwise)

Site troubleshooting

Having an issue with the site? Its features being wonky or simply displaying incorrectly? Here's some things to try!

Everything looks too small/big!

This site is best viewed when zoom is set between the 50% and 150% range. Personal preference is 110% :D

Everything's looking weird, wonky and/or muddled!

This could be a responsiveness issue, I am working towards making this site useable/viewable for most - if not all - devices and browsers. But until I succeed, this site is best viewed on desktop.

No header or sidebars?

This site uses JavaScript to display many of its features - like its header - so please make sure you're on a browser that supports it, and that it's enabled/allowed.

Things look clashy/simply not right!

It might be worth doing a quick Cache clean? As this site - or even your browser of choice - might be holding onto old files. So if the eye-assault is due to things not updating right, it may be worth giving the "browsing data" section in your browser settings a small sweep ^^

Issue not covered? Nothing mentioned helped? Found a spelling error or broken link? Contact me about it below!
*Please note I'm very bad at replying in timely manners, but don't let my shortcomings deter you from reaching out!


More contact info coming soon